Everdure by Heston Blumenthal CUBE™ 360

The ultimate portable charcoal barbeque, designed to create an effortless grilling, smoking, and roasting experience in any environment.

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Achieve versatility in your cooking results using the Roasting Hood and the height-adjustable grill which gives you control of the cooking distance from charcoal. Travel with the CUBE™ 360’s cool-to-touch body, chrome handles, and ergonomic wooden carry handle, is safe and straightforward. Use the 3-piece toolkit including tongs, spatula, and cleaning brush to enjoy a seamless grilling experience from beginning to end.

What’s in the box:

CUBE 360 Base
Roasting Hood
Chrome Grill
Charcoal Support Rack
Charcoal Tray
3 Piece Toolkit: Spatula, Tongs, BBQ Brush

Easy to set up, grill, clean, transport, and store, it’s the perfect companion for wherever your next trip takes you. Enjoy traditional charcoal grilling, the new way.

Note: The CUBE™ 360 fits poultry under the Roasting Hood up to the height of 13.5cm

Cooking capacity: 754cm2

Showcase your grilling, roasting, and smoking skills in any environment. Using the height-adjustable chrome grill, control the cooking distance from the charcoal and fit poultry up to 13.5cm high under the Roasting Hood.

The built-in heat protection shield makes the CUBE™ 360 cool-to-touch and safe to travel.

The CUBE™ 360 makes cooking with charcoal convenient by simply extinguishing charcoal using the side vents of the Roasting Hood.

Secure the Roasting Hood to the base using the safety latches and carry it easily with the cool-to-touch ergonomic handles.