Alfa Forni Nano

The Italian oven for everyONE!

After a decade since the launch of their first stainless-steel oven, Alfa Forni is proud to present the NANO, a portable wood-fired pizza oven. Proudly and authentically made in Italy, the NANO assembles and cooks pizzas in ONE minute. Weighing only 50kg and it’s dimensions of 73x55x48 cm, bringing home this compact and distinctively designed device, has never been easier. The easy assembly can be completed within five minutes, as all that’s required is the attachment of the flue & chimney bowl and screwing in the levelling feet. Voila! Let the barbequing and festivities begin.

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For making the perfect Neapolitan pizza, NANO cooks a pizza within 60 seconds, by reaching temperatures from 0°C (32°F) to 500°C (750°F) in just 10 minutes.

The heat of the oven is gradually released out of the flue through the patented Alfa deflector, ensuring outstanding performance. For maximum heat and better rotation of pizzas within the cooking chamber, the mouth of the NANO has been specially designed keeping performance in mind.

Colour: copper
Number of pizzas: 1
Batch of bread: 1/2 kg (1,1 lbs)
Fuel: Wood
Number of people: 1 to 10
Maximum temperature: 500°C (1000°F)

For accurate temperature facilitating and measurement, the ONE has been fitted with the Alfa Forni pyrometer.
A peephole has been included in the door, so the food can always be monitored, even when the door is closed.
The cooking chamber is entirely made of reinforced stainless steel, for heat resistance and durability.
Heat retention is ensured and overheating of the external frame has been eliminated with the double layer of ceramic fibre insulation, which is generally used in commercial ovens.
The ONE oven consumes 5cm (2 in) thick small wooden logs, meaning 2kg (4,4 lbs) of firewood could easily last throughout a whole evening of cooking.
To better manage the food on the oven floor, a wood basket has been specially designed to fit within the oven for neat and efficient cooking.
The oven floor consists of four firebricks, nearly 3 cm ( 1,2 in) thick, for gradual absorbance and heat release. Guaranteeing impeccable cooking.
The “slide in-slide out” pizza peel perfectly complements the ONE oven, allowing you to make the most of your cooking experience. For easy and comfortable removal/ adjustment of pizzas, bread and calzones.

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