Alfa Forni DOLCE VITA (Wood-fired & LPG)

The essential last touch for your outdoor kitchen.

The Dolce Vita, hybrid oven (wood-fired & LPG), with a timeless design & clean lines, harmoniously fits into any outdoor/patio kitchen. With the lightweight stainless steel dome, the pizza oven is excellent for cooking fragrant pizzas, roasting meat or fish and pan focaccia. These dishes will only enhance your outdoor relaxations. High performance in baking is guaranteed with the refractory cotto floor, preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the food, with high temperatures.

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Dolce Vita – Alfa Forni pizza ovens offer the perfect balance between modern contemporary & classic design, for whatever your outdoor kitchen aesthetic. Your preference in cooking, whether it be the efficiency of gas or the indistinguishable taste of a wood-fired oven, is attainable with Alfa Forni ovens.

Their ovens are fitted with high quality weatherproof materials, designed with an elegantly modern touch that withstands the effect of time, as well as meticulous attention to details to further your outdoor cooking experience. Choose an Alfa Forni oven, choose the best.

The indistinguishable clean lines of this Pizza oven Top gas-fired oven add a modern finish to any setting. It can easily fit into any outdoor kitchen and can be mounted onto a pre-existing base. The Dolce Vita will bring out the chef in any amateur.