Gaggia Magenta Prestige

Free your contemoporary home barista spirit with the Gaggia Magenta Prestige. Great entry level machine for household use with a capacity of 10 cups per day.

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The integrated milk carafe froths the milk twice and removes all the bubbles to get a perfect froth, always at the right temperature, in just one touch. The wide user interface with full colour display and capacitive buttons ensure more control and visibility for an improved user experience. The espresso tray ensures uniform crema layer and no splashes while brewing. Discover up to 12 beverages at the touch of a button.


5 optiaroma options
2 coffee cups simultaneously
5 direct beverage varieties
Adjustable coffee length
Quick heat boiler
Gaggia adapting system
Automatic rinsing cycle
Removable brewing unit
Pre-ground option
Adjustable coffee spout (70-150mm)
Ceramic blades MAGENTA P RESTIGE


Dimensions (W x H x D) 230 x 357 x 435
Body Work Matt Black ABS
Temperature settings 3 settings
Power Consumption 1900 W
Energy Consumption on standby 1 W
Pump Pressure 15 bar
Weight 7.7 kg
Capacity Coffee puck container 15 pucks
Capacity Water tank 1.8 L
Capacity Beans container 250 gr
Capacity Milk Carafe 0.5 L
Boiler Stainless steel
Adjustable grinder settings 5 selections