BIBO Fizz Bar Black (Including C02 Cylinder)

If you can think it, you can fizz it. Carbonate any beverage you desire, not just water!

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The BIBO fizz is the only sparkling drink maker in the market with its patented fizz infuser that creates a controlled release of pressure. That means you can carbonate any beverage you desire, not just water. It will also completely adapt to your preferences, allowing you to choose the amount of fizz in your drink. Now if your creative juices had started flowing, this one is for you.

“I’ll take that sparkling”. Sounds posh, doesn’t it? With the BIBO fizz, you’ll be posh spicing all day long, because unlike any other soda machines out there, the BIBO fizz will add bubble to anything. You bring the tea infusions, juice, water, flat beer, cold drink or wine, and the BIBO fizz bar will bring the sparkle.

Included with your BIBO fizz bar:

60 litre CO2 Cylinder
1 litre quick connect fizz bottle (in the same colour as your fizz bar).
1-year free warranty.
Free shipping countrywide